Clear Your Shit: The Whole Story

I'm participating in the Clear Your Shit Readathon in November/December 2020, you can find all the story posts linked in order below. Some book reviews during this period are tagged for the readathon, they're linked below each prompt, as applicable.
  1. Character Sheet
  2. Prophecies and Quests
  3. To-Read List (October 30th)
  4. The Journey Begins (Shortest Book)
    1. Strawberry Milkshake
    2. No Man of Woman Born
    3. Strangers in Court
    4. The Awakened Kingdom
  5. Journeys Need Supplies (On shelf the longest)
    1. Confessions of the Fox
  6. Don't Go Alone (Groups)
    1. The Art of Saving the World
    2. Reverie
  7. Walking Was a Bad Decision (Animal)
    1. Daimonion
    2. Blazewrath Games
  8. Ogre in the Road (Intimidating)
    1. Beloved
  9. Campfire and New Friends (Scary)
    1. Collected Ghost Stories
  10. Faeries! (Mini Boss Battle #1: First Book or Sequel)
    1. The Toll
  11. Rest Break (Free Space)
    1. A Universe of Wishes
  12. Unhelpful Bartender (Fantasy)
    1. Vampires Never Get Old: Tales with Fresh Bite


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