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Mid August Reviews (2022)

Greetings Welcome to the Books That Burn Fortnightly Roundup! Releasing every two weeks (one week early for Patrons ). Remember to head to Transcripts That Burn for all available transcripts of the podcast. News and Events I (Robin) am in the end-stages of a multi-state move. My microphone has been located, but I almost immediately had to travel for work, then I'm traveling again to help a family member. For the podcast schedule, we might stay monthly through the end of 2022 so we don't get overwhelmed by the upcoming winter holidays and associated family obligations. In that case we plan to resume a fortnightly schedule in 2023. DNFs Last fortnight was heavy on DNFs and this was a bit lighter, but not immune. I tried TOO LIKE THE LIGHTNING by Ada Palmer but couldn't stand the narrator and quit almost immediately. LIGHT FROM UNCOMMON STARS by Ryka Aoki was a blend of too many elements for me, featuring a Faustian bargain already in progress and an intergalactic refugee sit

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