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Dreams of the Dying by Nicolas Lietzau (Enderal #1)

Jaaros Oonai, magnate, visionary, and master of coin, doesn't muse about whether the glass is half empty or half full-only about ways to fill it. Jespar Dal'Varek, drifter, veteran, and master of avoidance, doesn't muse at all. He'd rather just drink the damn wine.  Two lives that could not be more different intertwine when a strange contract leads Jespar to the tropical island empire of Kilay, the wealthiest nation of the Illumined World. The mission turns out to be as bizarre as it is lucrative: Jaaros Oonai, the country's merchant king, knows something that could stop a catastrophe, but he has fallen into an inexplicable coma. Together with an ex-priestess and a psychic, Jespar must enter Oonai's dreams and find this secret.  What should have been a fresh start quickly turns into a nightmare, as Jespar slides into a spiral of disturbing dreams, political intrigue, and clashing ideals, where not only the fate of Kilay but his own sanity are at stake. It's

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