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Three Parts Dead by Max Gladstone (The Craft Sequence #1)

TITLE: Three Parts Dead AUTHOR: Max Gladstone PUBLISHER: TOR Books YEAR: 2012 LENGTH: 333 pages AGE: Adult GENRE: Fantasy RECOMMENDED: Highly Queer Rep Summary: No canon queer rep. THREE PARTS DEAD is a murder mystery where a new Associate must work with a young priest to find out who murdered his god. Well-paced and dripping with contractual language, with a stunning conclusion plucked from the embers of a dying flame. This handles multiple narrators expertly, with each one feeling very distinct from the others while obviously belonging to the same world. I love murder mystery stories, political wrangling, and precise language, and this is a beautiful blend of those things.  The world-building is fantastic and very well-handled, it felt so seamless as the various explanations felt so natural that I never felt like it was infodumping, though looking back there were some sections with more intense explanations than others. The few places which were purely informational spiels (I'm t

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