Clear Your Shit Readathon: Character Sheet

Hello Everyone!

From November 1st to December 27th I will be participating in the Clear Your Shit Readathon to get through my tbr pile (at least dent it, or something). I have been summoned by a wizard to save the land of Shelfla (why Shelfla has been fine during the couple of months leading up to this readathon, I have no idea). Books read for this quest will be tagged with "Readathon: Clear Your Shit" so that it can be a little easier for you to know how it's going. My name is Robin, my fatal flaw is buying a whole series before reading the first book, the only thing that might save me is my strength as a speed reader. Armed with the teeth in my mouth (and maybe some other ones, you don't know!), I will embark on this journey to save Shelfla. 

Anyone seeking information that the wizard has given so far about this whole thing would do well to check out the floating spider scroll of knowledge (I think it's called a "web-site" or something, whatever), you can find that here, you can also read what a very loud narrator-bird is saying about all this here.

Go here to read the whole story.

Name: Robin; Fatal Flaw: Buys a whole series before reading the first book; Top Strength: Speed reader, like sonic, but books; Weapon of Choice: Teeth


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