Clear Your Shit: Prophecies and Quests

So my diligent web spiders were able to obtain a copy of the prophecies for saving the kingdom of Shelfla. I think they managed to sneak them away from the wizard without getting singed, so here goes:

(1) Read the book which is smallest in size;

(2) The tome which has dwelt longest before thine eyes;

(3) Next a scroll of groups, heists, found family, or otherwise.

(4) Tackle a volume with creatures galore;

(5) A tome which has dropped your heart to the floor;

(6) Then something frightening to even the score.

(7) A mysterious monster next will appear, prepare a special book to preserve you here.

(8) Peruse a volume which you obtained for free;

(9) Then one from a land where dragons here be.

(10) Some tome which has threatened to empty your purse;

(11) Now something quite pretty (are you glitter-averse?).

(12) Magic and spells will be your friend too.

(12a) (If you've already read The Scapegracers, bully for you.)

(13) The ocean deep and blue is your new guide;

(14) For oncoming battle pick someone on an opposing side.

(15) Your past friends have already found what comes next;

(16) But weirdly for this you don't know what to expect.

(17) A wild adversary has arrived! Have something ready so you don't need to hide.

(18) The choice is yours, a book or a nap;

(19) But hurry, you must then obtain a map.

(20) The most ancient of tomes calls to you;

(21) You've covered "old" and "blue", now get "borrowed" and "new".

(22) Glimmer and shine within and without;

(23) Read a free book, don't sit this out.

(24) The future is murky and much is unknown, but the final battle is yours alone.

Go here to read the whole story.

A chart with squares to fill in the books for each quest from the prophecy. (Shortest book, on shelf the longest, found family, with an animal, intimidating book, scary book, Free Choice, fantasy, most expensive book, pretty cover, magical book, book with blue/water theme, character you want to fight, recommended or gifted, book you don't remember, free choice, book with map, oldest publication, pre-order, shiny cover/magical object, free choice, mini battle x 2, final boss battle!


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