Clear Your Shit: Elves! (Mini Boss Battle #2: Speed Reading)

I close my current book, lost in thought when suddenly, elves are storming our camp! This feels familiar... I get the feeling we've dealt with them before. I rush to Heather's side, clutching my pack of books to my chest. The elves are smirking at us like they know something we don't, which, they might. They eye our book packs and suddenly each has a book in hand. They all gracefully fall to the ground in perfect synchronicity, a book in each lap. The leader, or what I assume is the leader by the obnoxious amount of trinkets in their hair, pulls out an hourglass and challenges us to a speed reading contest. Really? Is it that easy? They say they will leave us again (again?) and not cause us any more trouble. I grab the next book out of my bag, The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August by Claire North, and question Heather with a glance. She is already falling to the ground with her own book, so I follow her example. As soon as the elf leader turns the hourglass we all dive into our books.

Narrated by Alu. Follow her on Twitter and check out her website: Tome Reader Reviews.


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