Clear Your Shit: Entering the Tavern (Oldest Book)

We end up walking for nearly the entire day. I'm so tired! Just as I'm about to suggest we set up camp Heather points ahead of us excitedly. A town! It's small, and I mean really small. Once we are closer we discover this town consists of a traveling supply store, a smattering of farms, an apothecary, and a tavern. A tavern! We both practically run the rest of the way, excited to be off our feet for a bit. They supply the same deliciously cool spring water we were given at the camp that morning, and are sitting at a small table near the lute player. He is rather good. I open Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston, hoping to get at least a few pages in before we have to set off again. After not nearly enough pages, Heather nudges my elbow just before a stooped old man hobbles to our table and offers us both a purple wildflower, asking us where we're traveling to. Heather tells him we're on our way to the Witch's tower to stop the falling books. He gives an excited hop, his nimbleness impressing me. He tells us that we're actually really close! Thank goodness too because, without a map, I was beginning to wonder if we were even still going the right way.

Narrated by Alu. Follow her on Twitter and check out her website: Tome Reader Reviews.


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