Clear Your Shit: Faeries! (Mini Boss Battle #1: First Book or Sequel)

Just as dawn was breaking, everyone in the forest was swarmed by faeries, each one yelling different things at us. The faeries told Heather that because she buys books instead of going to therapy, she had to read her most emotional book or else they would kidnap her and set her books on fire! I put my hands over my ears but could still hear the faeries telling me that because I buy full series without reading the first book, I had to read a first book or a sequel or else the faeries would spoil the endings of all the series I was currently reading. Tears streaming down my face, I grabbed by copy of The Toll by Neal Shusterman and tried to concentrate amid the screams of the faeries and the sobbing of my fellow peasants. Gradually the whole camp quieted down as everyone read while the faeries hovered and glared, sometimes whispering new torments when someone seemed distracted.

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