Clear Your Shit: A Traveler Appears! (Recommended)

Being both physically and emotionally exhausted, we decide to set up camp for the night. I'm not even bothered that we have to sleep on the ground again. I'm still too annoyed at the Wizard and his strange behavior. As we are settling in around the fire a traveler, Sammie, she announces in a chipper tone, pops in from the shadows. I'm a little skeptical and keep my tooth club in reach, but she offers us a book in exchange for a chance to rest for the evening. She thrusts Fledgling by Octavia E. Butler at us and is practically vibrating with excitement. This seems like a fair trade to me and my interest is piqued at how excited she seems so I find a nice place to relax near the firelight to read.

Narrated by Alu. Follow her on Twitter and check out her website: Tome Reader Reviews.


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