Clear Your Shit: Elves! (Forgotten Book)

I wake up the next morning to the sounds a scuffling around me. Elves! There are elves rummaging through our things! This trip just keeps getting better and better. Heather and I both jump up ready to take on these elves. I've had enough of people stealing my things.

...wait. What were we doing? It's so early! I should be asleep still. I must have had a fitful sleep though because the campsite is a mess! We get right to tidying up. I pick up a book that somehow feels familiar? The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros is clearly among my things, but I'm not sure where it's from. I flip it open to investigate and find myself immediately drawn into the story. I settle against a tree to continue reading. Heather won't mind finishing the clean up right? I glance up and see her mirroring my own position against another tree with her own open book in her lap, clearly enthralled. I smile and continue reading.

Narrated by Alu. Follow her on Twitter and check out her website: Tome Reader Reviews.


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