Clear Your Shit: Don't Go Alone (Groups)

With a slightly heavier bag and a handful of jerky to munch, I set off down the road to the next down, figuring I'd be mostly alone while traveling. I'd finished The Art of Saving The World by Corinne Duyvis and gotten partway into reading Reverie by Ryan La Sala when I was startled to see a figure under a tree as I passed. Their long blonde hair was hanging past the side of their face as they read a book with a bunch of brightly colored circles on the front. I could see they had a long tattoo of a winged dragon winding up their left arm with the head resting on their collarbone. A closed copy of a black book with a drawing of a deer rested on the grass beside them. 

"Hail and well met!", I called out.

They looked up, startled. "Are you a hoopy frood?" 

I nodded, "Usually yes, but today I don't know where my towel is."

Introductions passed pleasantly, and now I was joined on my quest by Heather (she/her), currently reading The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams after having finished The Scapegracers by Hannah Clarke. Our noses in our books, we continued down the road in companionable silence. 

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