Clear Your Shit: Journeys Need Supplies (On shelf the longest)

After wiling away my morning by using up some of my secret emergency reading material, I finally got into town and headed into the closest shop. Unfortunately it was a jeweler's and they were not impressed with my offer to barter away the mushrooms and plants in the bottom of my bag. They did redirect me to the pawnbrokers' shop where I might be away to trade something of a little value for basic supplies. Digging deeper I found a sheaf of papers which could loosely be described as a book. The outermost page had a simple line drawing of a fox slipping through an open window. Mentally preparing myself to part ways with this manuscript, I first stepped away from the jeweler's and wandered towards the pawnbroker, reading as I went. This tale, Confessions of the Fox by Jordy Rosenberg, was enough to occupy my attention all the way to the shop, then sitting outside the shop for some time. Finally I finished the visceral and erotic tale of a street thief and his lover, and reluctantly sold it in exchange for some curative elixirs and travel rations of cheese and jerky. 

I won't be able to just sell stuff from my bag forever, I'll definitely need help to figure this thing out. 

Go here to read the whole story.


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