Clear Your Shit: Why Is There A River Here? (Blue/Water Theme)

We leave the witch's hut quickly after a potion resupply. I hope she doesn't attempt to turn us into frogs for not taking her rather vague request. The forest is peaceful and we are lost in a bit of a haze until the roar of water snaps my attention back to the present and we come suddenly to a river. Maybe we got turned around? I don't remember anyone telling me we would need to cross a river like this. Heather and I exchange a worried glance. How are we going to get across this? We could try to swim, but I don't trust my limbs to get me to the other side. I slump on a rock protruding from the riverbed and dig in my bag until I come across The Mermaid, the Witch, and the Sea by Maggie Tokuda-Hall. Maybe I'll find some ideas in here.

Narrated by Alu. Follow her on Twitter and check out her website: Tome Reader Reviews.


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