Clear Your Shit: Walking was a bad decision (Animal)

After a long time spent walking, I began to regret the decision to complete the quest on foot. It was really a very bad call, but one that it wasn't really possible to fix until we made it to the next town. After two more days of walking we arrived in the town of Skoobville and asked around for the nearest stable with horses for adventurers. Apparently we were supposed to see someone named El, since we're on a quest for the Wizard. 

El was helpful if a bit brusque, and we left with two horses, Strawberry (for me) and Blaze (for Heather). Both horses' saddles had tiny stone dogs affixed as charms, two on each side. Reading while riding is so much better than reading while walking, and I was able to finish Daimonion by J. P. Jackson, a horror novel with lots of creatures, demonic and otherwise. It was also kind of spooky, so I was a little on edge as we rode along in the waning afternoon.

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