Hope is Swift by Seanan McGuire (October Daye, #13.1)

HOPE IS SWIFT is a novella included with most editions of THE UNKINDEST TIDE.

TITLE: Hope Is Swift
AUTHOR: Seanan McGuire
YEAR: 2019
LENGTH: 53 pages
AGE: Adult
GENRE: Fantasy, Urban Fantasy

Queer Rep Summary: Genderqueer/Nonbinary Secondary Character(s), Trans Minor Character(s).

This is a short and bittersweet story from Raj's perspective, about responsibility, danger, love, and growing up.

CW for grief, kidnapping (backstory), confinement, medical content, car accident.

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A pale woman with dark brown hair and pointed ears stands at the railing of a wooden ship, a dagger loosely clasped in her right hand. An orange sunset glow lights the scene.



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