A Song For Quiet by Cassandra Khaw (Persons non Grata, #2)

Queer Rep Summary: No canon queer rep.

A SONG FOR QUIET feels good to read, the prose and syllabic cadence drips through my brain like a song I know I like but couldn't quite catch. It has a numb and distant feeling, as the MC begins filled with grief over death that happened before the scene starts, and then never quite gets a chance to catch his breath until the end. It describes how music feels to the characters, intertwined with death and darkness, implying the way it sounds to those who have beautiful ways to describe harsh melodies.

CW for racism, gore, violence, child abuse (not depicted), starvation (not depicted), parental death (backstory), major character death, death.

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A silhouette of a man walking on top of a city skyline, tentacles reach out to him and wind around his saxophone.


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