Finna by Nino Cipri (Finna, #1)

Finna is a fun and fast-paced (slightly deadly) anti-capitalist adventure through a wormhole in technically-not-Ikea with two former lovers a few days after breaking up. 

It’s an anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-transphobic, anti-capitalist, thought-provoking romp which strikes just the right balance between explaining stressful stuff and depicting an escape from it. The romantic relationship is over before the story starts, and it helps convey a raw feeling, an uncertainty, because while the reader doesn’t already know all of why it didn’t work out, the shape is familiar. The world-building is really good for such a short book. 

CW for racism (minor), sexism (minor), transphobia (minor), discussion of misgendering, violence, gore, death.

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A teal background with an implied off-kilter grid and sketch drawings of pipes.


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