Feedback by Mira Grant, aka Seanan McGuire (Newsflesh, #4)

‪Feedback by Mira Grant is refreshing. It’s zombies, politics, blogging, lesbians, a platonic marriage, the first genderqueer character I’ve ever read, death, and conspiracies. It’s an Irish girl in a sundress with a winsome smile as she shoots a zombie raccoon.

If that doesn’t make you want to read it, I don’t know what could. It mentions some main plot events from Feed, but, to be fair, Blackout mentions a pretty big event in this book. If you intend to read the whole series, I recommend starting with the original trilogy (Feed, Deadline, Blackout) before coming here, but if you are reading either one book or nothing, make damn sure you read this one.

CW for violence, gore, major character death.

"FeedBACK" with a small rss logo and some blood spatter


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