Animorphs Book 5: The Predator by K. A. Applegate

The Predator gives Marco stakes that he can fight for, while also doubling down on the body horror with some insect morphs. It finishes getting all the Animorphs on the same page and establishes Yeerk politics at play on Earth.

This book deals with loss of a parent in a way that was just referenced earlier in the series, as well as finally letting us know what Marco is thinking behind all his jokes.

All of the books so far have dealt with the mental aspects of morphing, but this one is is the first that is truly terrifying based on what happens to them, not just what they think they might do. Your mileage may vary as to which morph is the creepiest, but morphs with exoskeletons really don't come out looking good here.

A boy (Marco) turns into a gorilla


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