Animorphs Book 15: The Escape by K. A. Applegate

The Escape is a pool of grief, rage, and helplessness. It's about interrupted grief when loss changes from completely gone back to just out of reach. Discussing humor as a shield and coping mechanism, it describes its role and acknowledges its limits.

Marco is a jokester and a goof when viewed by his fellow Animorphs, but whenever its his turn to narrate his inner monologue is a lot darker than his exterior would project. He's kind of a foil for Rachel, who is outwardly tough but also deeply insecure. To be clear, Marco is also insecure, but he hides it by joking about it and deflecting deep thought away from it. The books engage with this dynamic in a way that feel real.

A boy (Marco) turns into a hammerhead shark


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