‪Rat Queens: Volumes 1-5

‪Rat Queens: Volumes 1-5 is amazing in all the best ways. It’s a sword and sorcery comic with badass women, lots of fighting, vulnerability, barfights, and really gorgeous art. The Queens are excellent, the world is well-developed... seriously, go read these.

It’s casually queer with complex relationships (romantic, platonic, and everything in between). Volume five does some really cool things, twisting the established format (not that it was formal to start) both narratively and stylistically. I could list tiny things for a while, but I don’t want to spoil even tiny things. If you like comics/graphic novels, definitely check these out. If you haven’t tried any before, as long is you’re fine with blood and gore these would be a good place to start.

Five Rat Queens books spread against a red background


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