Megamorphs 4: Back to Before by K. A. Applegate

Megamorphs #4 depicts an alternate timeline where the Animorphs never became the Animorphs but the Yeerks still invaded. This one is good, but very stressful. ‪Cassie’s role/depiction was well done in this, I like her fundamental importance.‬

Tobias’s path makes sense but is really troubling. I like how Marco was handled, Rachel didn’t change a whole lot, which makes sense. The blurring/glitching towards the end was a good blend of unnerving and subtle. Due to the premise of this book there was more room to injure or kill key figures from the main continuity, which makes an unavoidable blend of anguish, apathy, and tension, depending on how you read it.

The five Animorphs stand together with a hawk flying in front of them


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