Megamorphs 2: In the Time of Dinosaurs by K. A. Applegate

Megamorphs #2 is stuck in a weird bind. It needs to be interesting and impactful, but also to not disrupt the main storyline in case someone misses it. The Animorphs end up in the past due to a Sario Rip and run from dinosaurs.

There's a truly horrifying sequence early on where Tobias and Rachel are inside a stomach being digested, skip that one if you're squeamish. But, really, it's not more gruesome than the main continuity, just more dense because it's a one-off. A lot of scientific details didn't age well in this, so if you only going to skip one you can make it this.

However, it does have an important moment for Cassie, with the theme of ethical dilemmas and moral center than has been developing for the last several books. You don't need to read this one to understand the next book, but it really helps set up the state of mind for Cassie that will contribute to events in book 19 (The Departure).

Six pairs of eyes (four human, one hawk, one Andalite) are superimposed against animal skin textures


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