I Sexually Identify As An Attack Helicopter by Isabel Fall

“I Sexually Identify As An Attack Helicopter” takes the premise in its title seriously to produce a really cool story which raises, answers, and then raises more questions about gender and identity in a way that feels exploratory, respectful, and bold.

I love how this story takes itself so seriously within the text, in a way that can only be produced by understanding just how ridiculous the premise is, and leaning into it.

For anyone lucky enough to be unaware of the reference, one of the troll responses to meaningful and complex discussions of gender identity is that someone people will say something about identifying as an "attack helicopter", as if that would invalidate someone being trans, or whatever identity is being discussed.

This story uses that mockery to dive deep and explore the implications in a really amazing and moving way, I found myself thinking about the way I understand gender, how it is performative and also intrinsic... Seriously, read this story, I've included the link below.

Full Story Text


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