Peter Darling by S. A. Chant

Jagged and dreamlike, Peter Darling confronts the discomfort of realizing one must grow up, while embracing the freedom to choose what that means. Queer and beautiful; re-imagining what Neverland is, what Peter and Hook can be. 

I devoured this book in a single sitting: Planning to read a few chapters so I could get an initial sense of the tone; instead I curled up with it and read it through to the end, not getting up for anything. All I knew going in were three words, "trans Peter Pan". I thought I'd like it, I didn't know it would hook me and leave me stunned.

It made me dysphoric in a cathartic way; good overall but deeply uncomfortable for a while. I finished the book feeling very peaceful, like the emptiness after a good cry. I already have dysphoria and this book captured those feelings so well. The pronoun handling is artful, the dynamic between Peter and Hook builds in complexity throughout the book, and I love this version of the fairies. There are even more things I loved, but I'm definitely not going to spoil them. If you love adaptations of the Peter Pan story, read this. If "trans Peter Pan" intrigues you, read this. If you, like me, just keep staring at the cover, read this; the book does not disappoint.

CW for sexual content (explicit), grief, transphobia, deadnaming, misgendering, vomit (brief), injury description (graphic), medical content (graphic), medical trauma (graphic), blood (graphic), gore (graphic), animal death (brief), violence, murder, death.

*Published under Austin Chant

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