Specials by Scott Westerfeld (Uglies, #3)

Specials by Scott Westerfeld is a satisfying conclusion to the original Uglies Trilogy. This version of Tally figures out what she wants, going for it through struggling and pain. The stakes ramped up appropriately and we have a better sense of the world. Stay Icy.

For me, this was the conclusion of the books as I originally read them in middle school. I'll move on to Extras, but I don't remember it very well so it'll pretty much be like reading it for the first time.

As for Specials itself, I love the conclusion, I think it's the best outcome for everyone involved, given the situations they find themselves in.

I really like the skintennas, the idea of everyone at a party dancing to the same music but it's not audible is something we can achieve now, kind of, but I like this sci-fi version of it.

Book CWs for ableism, discussion of eating disorders, self-harm, major character death.


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