Bruja Born by Zoraida Córdova (Brooklyn Brujas, #2)

Bruja Born is about clinging to love gone sour, plans gone rotten, and the strength required to accept new realities and move on. The young brujas are fierce, brave, and naive in ways that make them feel like the children they are. A good sequel.

The sibling dynamic between Lula, Alex, and Rose feels complex and genuine. Even though Rose hasn't been a pov character yet, she feels like a full character in context with Alex and Lula, which can be tricky to pull off.

I get stressed out by stories which have extended sequences where someone is lying about something huge, and that's a driving factor in most of this book, so it was difficult for me to read. It's a common trope, so that's mostly a thing I had to adjust to, and not a fault with the story. Given that, I still like this one and I was satisfied by the ending.

My one concern is that when reading this book, it feels like I'm missing information, like there's more I should have known coming in. After finishing the book, the supplemental material indicated that a group encountered there, the Thorne Hill Alliance first appears in The Vicious Deep, also by this author, so I'll skip over to that series and see if that addresses this feeling. If it feels like something was said elsewhere because it literally was in a different, earlier book, that's fine. If it's because this book vaguely gestures at world-building without putting enough detail in, that would be a negative for me.

I must say, Zoraida knows how to write a cliffhanger, I'm itching to read the next book.


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