Taking a break this month (July)

Hey everyone, I'm taking a break in July from new reviews to give me a breather and a chance to figure out the review schedule for the rest of 2023. My pattern of three reviews a week was left over from my breakneck pace of book reading in 2022, and I need to readjust to my actual 2023 reading cadence. I'll have some other posts like essays and book-related thoughts, but I've done so much re-reading lately to get a mental break that my queue of new books ready for review has dwindled to almost nothing.

There will still be a newsletter, and I'm aiming for at least one post of substance per week, but they're likely be reflections on re-reads instead of full reviews of new books. If it goes well, then updated thoughts on some books I'm re-reading might be a more regular feature going forward.

Thanks for reading!


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